AEA/SAG-AFTRA/AGMA (Victor A. Morris)


Gone Featured Heitor Dhalia
Restless Co-Star Gus Van Sant
Wake Before I Die Co-Star Todd/Jason Freeman
Pray For Hell Guest star Todd Freeman
Selfless Co-Star Jakob Pander
The Auteur Co-Star James Westby
Bigger Than The Sky Co-Star Al Corley
Say Uncle Featured Peter Paige
Punk Love Co-Star Nick Lyon
Sleepless in Seattle Featured Nora Ephron
Surviving the Game Featured Ernest Dickerson
Black Circle Boys Ensemble Robert Redford



Criminal Minds: Fatal Co-star Larry Teng
Bunheads: It’s Not A Mint Featured Daniel Palladino
Grimm: Let Down Your Hair Co-Star Holly Dale
Leverage: The Order 23 Job Guest Star Rod Hardy
In the Line of Duty Starring Dick Lowry
Payback Starring Ken Cameron
Love is Strange Starring A. Haywood-Carter
Nowhere Man Featured Peter Dunne
The Ann and Abby Story Featured Alan Metzger
Praying Mantis Co-Starring James Keach
The Velveteen Rabbit Co-Star George Miller



Voice: Franco Corelli. George Peckham. Grace Bumbry. George Shirley.

Tenor Roles:  Otello. Lohengrin. Calaf. Henry Davis.

Instruments: Trumpet. Euphonium/Tuba. Lakota Flute. Bass Flute.



The Brothers Paranormal Felix Jeff Liu
His Girl Friday Kruger Christopher Ashley
A Lonely Boy’s Guide To Survival & Werewolves Mr. Survival Guide Michael J. Bobbitt
Guys & Dolls Rusty Charley/Orch. Brass Kerry Meads
Storyville Hot Licks Sam Ken Page
Othello Othello Jon Kretzu
Grey Gardens the Musical Brooks Sr./Jr. Chris Coleman
The Overwhelming Samuel Mizinga Keven Myhre
A Christmas Carol Narrator/Singer/Trumpet Kirsten Brandt
Street Scene (Opera) Henry Davis Nicolette Molnar
Bat Boy, the Musical Reverend/Mrs. Taylor/Roy Chris Coleman
Twelfth Night Curio/Asst. Composer Pat Patton
Narnia Aslan/Professor John Monteverde
Evita! Male Heavy Larry Fuller
Blackstage Views Satchmo/Marvin Gaye Arne Zaslove
Peter Pan Nana/Pirate Peter Foy
Jesus Christ, Superstar Judas Bill McHale